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The self-sharpening blades made of 420 stainless steel with precision gap ensure long-lasting performance, more pruning, and low-friction heat, doesn’t produce high-temperature scalded your skin.


This beard trimmer can fully immersible in water or rinse the blades under running water for quick, hygienic cleaning. A cleaning brush is included to clean away stubborn hair particles easily.


The performance lithium-ion battery gives you two convenient options: charge for 2 hour then you’ll get up to 60 minutes of running time, or opt for a 5-minute quick charge for one full trim.


Use the 3 adjustable combs (3/6/9mm) for a full-size hair trimmer without a comb to complete your style and get clean, sharp lines around the edges of your beard.


Trim your hair to exactly the length you want, 4 hair clipper combs, 4 precision adjustable combs and nose hair trimmer, styling your body hair to any desired look.


Remove the cutter from the body by pressing the button with thumb and index finger, only need 2 seconds, then put on the cutter that you need.

Charging Dock Design:

The dock keeps it always ready to go, there was nothing worse with your previous trimmers than finding them with no charge and having to wait for them to be ready.

Moving  and  Standing  BLlades  Run  Together:  

The 420 stainless steel moving and standing blades with precision gap, deep close to the skin, more pruning and low-friction heat, doesn’t produce high-temperature scalded your skin..

2-Point  Pressing  Cutter  Replacement  Button:

Bayer flame retardant PC button with anti-deformation Mn-steel spring built-in that you can operate, lock and trip smoothly. Replace the cutter just with thumb and index finger, only need 2 seconds.

Guide  Combs  Setting:

4 hair clipper combs(3/6/9/12mm) for hair cutting, 4 adjustable combs (2/4/6/8mm) for a precision trimmer and 3 adjustable combs (3/6/9mm) for a full-size hair trimmer, styling your body hair to any desired look..

What  You  Get:

clipper with blade guard, charger, storage charging dock, 11guide combs, barber comb, styling comb, cleaning brush, blade oil and English/Spanish/French/German instructions/styling guide..




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Product Dimensions: 3.1 x 6.5 x 9.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds
Item model number: BT235B
Batteries :1 AA batteries required. (included)



  1. Q : Can it be used in the shower?
    A : My husband uses it in the shower, but he says dry would be better.
  2. Q : How good is this for shaping eye brows and cleaning the gap between them ?
    A : The trimming pop up blade works well for in between brows. It should work well for most simple trimming as well. If you want to trim the whole brow’s hair length the regular big blade with the guard set at the length you prefer would work very well and cut length evenly. If you are doing very fine shaping of the brow around the edges you may need a smaller trimmer for that very precise shaping..
  3. Q : Can you use this on your most sensitive parts?
    A : The bare clippers are probably pretty good for that, though like any clippers you would need to be a little careful. The combs, however, are pretty irritating. I’ve been using the longer comb, and the plastic is molded such that the two mold pieces meet right at the front of the comb, forming a very sharp lip in the worst place. I’m going to trim and/or sand that edge before I use it again on sensitive skin
  4. Q : How are the lenghts and use for mustache (I keep mine just under 1/4 ?
    A : It has a great degree of precision in terms of length settings. Using the adjustable length head that I do, the only minor issue I have in the mustache area is in the apex, just below the nose, where it can sometimes be a bit awkward to trim. Not a big issue at all though and barely worth mentioning (only because you asked.
  5. Q : Does it work well to trim nose hairs and eyebrows?
    A : Yes works very well and I no longer look like a caveman. Nose thing does job and easy to switch head. Very comfortable. Eyebrows easy and you can choose multiple lengths from mad professor to almost non existent.
  6. Q : Dose this brand easy to replace the cutter head? My last one have a ceazy noise.
    A : Totally not, I gave meet the same before, but this one, there is a pressing button to replace, it easy and quite.
  7. Q : I am looking for a five-o’clock shadow stubble effect, is this the right trimmer? And do you have to use the attachment combs?
    A : Yes this trimmer works with the attachment. Dial setting is pretty good for controlling beard height and you simply rinse off with water. Great for quick everyday use.
  8. Q :Is the battery lithium or nimh? thanks
    A : I don’t check but it states lithium and is great never get weak and strong charging works for me great